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Through our mission of community care, Angel Food East assists our neighbors in need by bringing nutritious, delicious food and friendship to their doors. Angel Food East often fills the gap, serving those who do not quality for assistance or may need some help for a short period of time.

Founded in 1992, Angel Food East began serving meals to six people each weekday. Today we serve around 250 meals each week with home deliveries every Monday and Thursday.

A dedicated crew of talented volunteers cooks, prepares and packages meals in the kitchen of St. John's Episcopal Church on Albany Avenue in Kingston, which generously donates the space to our program.

Volunteer drivers then deliver the meals throughout Ulster County, ensuring that all our clients receive their food by lunchtime.  We are always conscious of and honor client confidentiality.

In addition to prepared meals, we deliver bread, homemade soups, cookies, and pies on a regular basis.  

Who are our clients?

Angel Food East accepts clients who are chronically homebound for any reason.  And, because of our long-standing outreach to people with AIDS/HIV, Angel Food East participates in the Ulster County AIDS Consortium, International AIDS Day, and accepts referrals from various professionals and agencies serving persons with HIV and AIDS. We have a close relationship with ARCS (AIDS - Related Community Services) and Mid-Hudson Cares.
community care
community care